training formazione

“The exams never end…”

In order to increase and update computer skills, Dasir Tech dedicates an important space to Training and Certification activities.

In our office or in the applicant’s place, Dasir Tech offers targeted training to learn and use the most varied technologies, tailored courses meeting the specific customers’ needs.

A variety of courses on IT and in the field of energy is offered to the schools: Dasir Tech is qualified to receive secondary school students for internship and/ or training Action C5, funded by ESF and carried out by PON and POR, offering them the opportunity to experience training and orientation for their further studies and/ or entering the world of work.

The company employs a skilled teaching staff with tested and extensive experience in the specific branch of knowledge, to ensure the quality of training and guarantee the results.

Among the courses offered:
  • Basics of IT;
  • Website creation, marketing and SEO;
  • APP creation: iOS – Android;
  • Software Analysis and Design;
  • Programming languages;
  • Database Administration and Planning;
  • Web Design;
  • Graphic Design;
  • Project Management;
  • Energy efficiency for buildings;
  • Rational use of energy.

Dasir Tech participated in the three-year plan and executive planning 2014/2015 in ATS Polo professional technical, ICT Fund and Energy Efficiency Fund.