research and technology

“Towards the 3.0…”

In an IT world where the technological progress goes on strongly, the competitiveness between companies is harder and harder. A key to success is definitely a desirable sensibility and attention to innovation.

Dasir Tech dedicates great space to research and technological activities to keep up with innovation, to favor business development, to increase its staff’s skills and to offer a constant improvement.

A research concerning many sectors, directed to the implementation of new software suites to merchandise, to the constant improvement of the already made products and to the periodical optimization of the same manufacturing system.

Then in order to promote a cooperation between University and the world of work, conventions have been signed to realize traineeships for final year students and stages for new graduates with the following universities in Campania:
  • University of Naples "Federico II";
  • Second University of Naples "SUN";
  • University of Naples "PARTHENOPE;
  • University of Sannio;
  • University of Salerno.
The goal is twofold: on the one hand to give young people the opportunity to participate to a formative experience at Dasir Tech through research projects, on the other hand to ensure to the company the opportunity of knowing potential employees to be included in the future in its staff.