corporate culture

“Team is our strength…”

Business is man-made, people are the fundamental of our work, they determine the success of a project.

People Management is treated with the greatest care, focusing the main attention on its employees.

Our values and our behavior are the reasons of our working, the key of our success. They describe who we are and how we operate.

Passion, optimism, enthusiasm, trust, fairness, respect, dignity, honesty: these are the principal values of our company, accompanied by a clear and timely communication, essential for a team effort. This increases the chance of success, improves relationships among the parts and creates confidence in one another.

Team working is our strength, a proactive and motivated team, ready for the challenge. It develops innovative ideas, performs beyond expectations, creates valid solutions, heads to excellence. The contribution of each person is a fundamental key for the victory.

All employees of Dasir Tech are as elements of a puzzle, each with different roles and responsibilities, but all together complete the picture.

We believe in what we do and we always do our best.

This is our success… this is our corporate culture!