“Side by side to grow up together…”

Our mission is to assist customers and meet adequately their requests, always using our experience and our skills to fulfil any new need.

Disposability, seriousness, professionalism, commitment, attention, orientation, team spirit, quality, competence, reliability, accuracy and thoroughness: these are the main aspects on which our modus operandi is based on.

The main objective of our work is customer satisfaction by offering him quality products and services, appropriately managing issues and risks, ensuring timeliness in all occasions, guaranteeing our support wherever required, ensuring the achievement of predetermined milestones.

Trusted partner for our customers, through a complete knowledge of their current and future needs, by understanding and anticipating their needs, identifying the best solutions, keeping commitments, creating benefit. We offer consulting and expertise in technology and applications of various industries such as Insurance, Banking, Government, Telecommunications, Energy, Manufacturing, IT Infrastructure, etc.
Principal hardware and software services’ list:
  • IT equipment

    Selling, assembling, upgrade, assistance and consulting;
    Data backup, formatting and operative system recovery, drivers and devices installing, hardware and software upgrade;

  • Server Linux and Microsoft

    Selling, design, installing, configuration, maintenance and assistance;

  • Network equipment, alarm systems and video surveillance, wiring and Wi-Fi

    Selling, design, installing, configuration, maintenance and assistance;

  • Microsoft Exchange, Active directory and Domain Server

    Selling, installing, configuration, maintenance and assistance;

  • Data recovery

    Smartphone, hard disk, memory card, pen drive;

  • Cloud Services and versioning File Sharing

    Design, installing, configuration, maintenance and assistance;

  • Fingerprint access control

    Design, installing, configuration, maintenance.

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