We plan and realize

Software tailored for you

We realize software and web products in a tailored way: the customer's needs shape the products, not the other way around. Our approach concerns listening and involving the customer, which can show his project and follow the steps of our work, from the planning to the delivery. The customer's ideas, together with our experience, converge to high-quality ad-hoc solutions.


By your side, from the idea to the product

A complete and diversified supply: as soft skills are Dasir's signature trait, the interaction between the company departments allows to place on the market unique solutions.

Certified process quality

Thanks to a Project Management Team and a staff dedicated to the continuous check of the process quality, we ensure clarity and linearity to your project during its life-cycle, making sure to properly organize it and to be compliant with estimated times and feedback.

Departments and


Custom Software Design

Website & E-Commerce

iOS & Android Mobile App

Research & Innovation Lab

Business Plan & Management

Brand Image & Digital Strategy

GDPR Consulting & Support

Professional Training Institute

Software & Hardware Support



Team Working is our Strength

A company meant to invest in young people can only rely on a Team 4.0, made of talented and ambitious young. Brainstorming is a daily occurrence and everyone play his part. We give free expression to enthusiasm and ideation, then making sure to channel and manage everyone's contribute in the clearest possible way.

Dasir Tech constantly looks for new talents.


Show us your project

Do you have any project to discuss? Make an appointment with our Account! Contact us, tell us your idea or your needs and together we will build up the best suited solution.